DSR+ Мех.рукоять V2
DSR+ Мех.рукоять V2
DSR+ Мех.рукоять V2
DSR+ Мех.рукоять V2

DSR+ Мех.рукоять V2

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Обновленная рукоять включает в себя обновления в виде  Экстрим Кита. 

DSR+ Mech Frame Features

  • Compatible with DSR+ Only
  • CCV Trigger Bypass
  • Analog Dwell
  • Rapid Drive System Swap
  • Toolless Solenoid Mounting Kit
  • Edge Trigger
  • Breakaway Magnet Trigger
  • Externally Adjustable Multi-point Trigger Adjustment
  • Electronic Single Trigger Operation Capable (swap electronics from standard to mech frame)

CCV Trigger Bypass – The CCV bypass decouples the bolt cycle from trigger position which allows the bolt to complete a full cycle once trigger is pulled. This prevents short stroking and minimizes chances of breaking paint.

Analog Dwell – The DSR+ Mech Frame operates off a fixed air reservoir. The DSR+ Mech drive system uses precisely the same amount of air every shot. The Analog Dwell system helps to ensure the drive system and bolt kit cycle with the same level of precision as its electro counterpart. This exact and repeatable air usage achieves a new level of valve control and efficiency in the mechanical paintball marker world.

Rapid Drive System Swaps – Drop the frame, swap the reg, and you are back on the field in record time.

Toolless Solenoid Mounting Kit - Allows for accelerated drive system swaps and service. Replaces screws that traditionally mount solenoid assembly to the DSR+ body.

Edge Trigger Switch – This high tolerance compressed assembly transfers air in an instant so there is virtually zero communication delay between trigger pull and bolt activation.

Elevated Trigger Pivot- An added mechanical advantage and extended leverage on the trigger yields an incredibly light smooth trigger pull, designed for high rates of fire. By pushing the trigger pin out of the frame and up into the body cavity, it maximizes pull leverage while staying tournament legal.

Breakaway Magnet Trigger – The breakaway magnet trigger offers a short, clean trigger break with decreasing pull resistance and rapid return for increased trigger speed.

Multi-Point Trigger Adjustment – Our engineers have created external, easy to access travel and pull resistance adjustments that allow you to fine tune the trigger to your exact preference.

Single Trigger e-Drive Conversion Kit – Convert your single trigger DSR+ Mech into a single trigger DSR+ Electronic and experience the fun of single trigger electronic operation. Simply drop in your standard PCB OLED package, e-solenoid and the included single trigger “e” kit for a simple, straight forward conversion.

UL Frame and Sticky Grip – Championship level performance and ultimate ergonomic comfort in one frame. The DSR+ Mech Frame is precisely packaged into DYE’s Patented UL frame profile and wrapped by the industry leading Sticky grip to give the player unmatched control and comfort.